Sofa to Saddle

Guided rides aimed at helping nervous and novice riders build confidence, learn new skills and enjoy cycling, and for more experienced riders to enjoy joining up with others in a fun, friendly group and maybe take on some longer rides together.

A familiar story…

Something we get asked to do regularly at West Malling Cycles is to bring back to life a bike which has been languishing at the back of the shed or garage for many years. It’s encouraging. The owner really wants to get out and ride their forgotten bike, has spotted our little shop and decided to do something about it.

But we do wonder how many go back into the shed or garage to be forgotten again. For some there just isn’t the time to ride, or they struggle the first time out, and for many the roads seem too dangerous, they don’t know where to go or they have nobody else to ride with. Cycling needs to be a social activity for most riders.

This is where Sofa to Saddle comes in, a cycling club dedicated largely to New, Nervous and Novice riders, but even more to social, sensible group rides for all types of bike or rider.

Our experienced ride leaders will take you on a journey that’s as short or long as you want and at a pace that allows you to enjoy the ride, while building the confidence to go that little bit further or that little bit faster.

It’s a social thing

The hardest thing for anybody, is to take that initial first step and actually get out on the road. No matter how hard you think it will be, the reality is that the old saying ‘you never forget how to ride a bike’ is as true to day as it ever was.

It’s best to register to receive regular updates about our rides, and to be able to reserve a place on any of our social rides. We also have membership options offering invitations to our feature rides as well as various benefits and offers.

For more information on Sofa to Saddle membership plans please click here.