Evening puncture class


This is a 2 hour class

From 7:30-9:30pm.

Punctures happen. They always have and always will. Bike riders need to know how to quickly and easily recover from a puncture and get their bike back on the road or trail so they can continue to ride

In this fun two hour class we will show you how to remove the wheel from your bike, remove the tyre from the wheel rim enough to remove and replace the inner tube, then reseat the tyre, inflate and reinstall on your bike.

Is easier than many people believe and we’ll show you the very best way to recover from a puncture on any ride.

This is a ‘hands on’ class. We advise you to bring your own bike (although we can provide a bike to practice on if it’s easier for you), and after we’ve shown you how we do it, we’ll supervise and advise while you remove and replace your inner tube several times. There’s no substitute for practice!

After the course we hope you’ll be be confident that you can continue your ride after a puncture  and even help fellow riders to continue theirs.

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