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Some suggest you should use a wet chain lube in wet conditions and a dry lube in dry conditions. We think a dry chain wax offers the best of all solutions, keeping your chain well lubricated but without the dirty, oily ‘black hands’ that can result from needing to remove a wheel or replace a chain during a ride. We use TF2 Dry Chain Wax on every bike we ride or service but we offer wet chain lube too. The choice is yours.

Weldtite TF2 Ultra Dry Chain Wax with Teflon (100ml)

Dry Wax lubricant for cycle chains working in tough exposed environments.

Tenacious penetrating action
Excellent dirt repelling properties
Water resistant and contains anti-corrosives
Low chain noise and works in all conditions

Weldtite TF2 Extreme Wet Lubricant (125ml)

Extremely durable wet type lubricant
Suitable for chains and gear systems
Long lasting
High performance Synthetic Oils
Special additives for reducing frictional losses
Water wash-off resistant


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Product Description

If there’s one thing a lot of riders are guilty of it’s failing to clean and lubricate the chain as frequently as they should. A dry and unlubricated chain is noisy, causes wear on the drivetrain components and is also prone to rusting, possibly leading to siezed links in the chain, poor gear shifting and even breakage.

In dry summer conditions we recommend cleaning and lubricating the chain once a month at the very least. In wet, winter or off-road conditions we recommend cleaning and lubricating before (or, more acurately, after) every ride, particularly if you’ve just washed the bike down after a ride. Don’t leave it wet and muddy and then remember to lube it before the next ride, the damage may already have been done.

To lubricate your bike chain, wipe the entire length of the chain thoroughly with a rag soaked in degreaser to remove any dust, dirt or debris. Then apply a lubricant to the inner surface of the entire length of the chain. Turn the pedals and shift through all the gears to work the lubricant into the links of the chain and the other parts of the drive train.

In theory you could actually use 3-in-1, engine oil or even cooking oil on your chain but one thing we would advise is that you don’t use WD40 or similar on your bike chain. Although it drives out moisture it also strips out the oil and grease so will ultimately dry out your chain unless you use it every day, whether you ride the bike or not.