Lightweight Kids Bikes

We are commited to encouraging parents to buy high quality, lightweight, easy to ride bikes for their children.

All of our junior bikes have aluminium frames and are built using high quality components. We’re not interested in selling heavy, steel framed bikes with unneccesary gimmicks like poor quality full suspension. We think quality is important and you’ll see the benefits as your child will love to ride a lightweight, well built bike – and you’ll be able to pass it down to your younger children, or sell it on for a decent price once it’s been outgrown.

We only choose bikes which use high quality components. They will last longer, function better and be easier for your child to operate. Our bikes may cost a little more to buy but the benefits to the rider are huge, and your bike will retain a higher resale value once you decide to upgrade or sell it on.

Cheap bikes are false economy. If you just want to buy the cheapest bike for your youngster there are plenty of places to go, but if you want a long lasting bike your child will love and enjoy we have bikes from well known brands like Dawes and Claud Butler, as well as less well known brand Kross which will last and be great fun to ride.

Why not visit us to discuss your requirements and see the range we have available.

Our children’s bikes range is here.