Bike servicing, repairs, spares and complete bike builds


Why buy a new bike when we can overhaul your old bike
and get it running as good as new?

We offer individual repairs or fixed price servicing. We also offer upgrades and full bike builds using your parts, or we can source, purchase and fit suitable parts on your behalf. Please contact us to discuss your repair, servicing, parts replacement or bike building requirements.

As an indication, below are our standard servicing costs (labour only, extra costs will be advised if any parts are required). For individual repair or replacement parts costs please ask for a quote.

Description Gears/




Full +


Strip +


Check and adjust brakes
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Check and adjust gears
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Clean and de-grease the chain and gears
Yes Yes Yes
Check bearings and advise (wheels, bottom bracket, headset)
Yes Yes Yes
Re-wrap existing bar tape if needed
Yes Yes Yes
Regrease bearings (wheels, bottom bracket, headset)
Yes Yes
Total bike strip down, check everything and re-assemble

Please note the above costs do not include any new parts. We will advise if any parts are required, and the cost of parts and labour, before proceeding with any additional work.

Bikes need to be reasonably clean before they can be worked on. We can clean a bike, but there is a charge of £10. Bikes that are in a very poor state of maintenance can involve extra work to strip down or adjust components, where this work is excessive this will increase the labour charge.

We are particularly experienced in building fixed-wheel and single-speed bikes and can also arrange resprays and powder-coating in a wide range of colours and finishes if required.

*Price is for non-suspension bikes. Please ask for a quote for bikes with suspension.